On spinning some fine, slippery, wool-Tencel Fiber

I’ve had a two pound bag of beautiful honey colored merino/Tencel fiber that I’ve been putting off spinning; I tried some dark brown fiber of the same type several years ago and ended up with a thick, heavy yarn that did not knit up well.  I’ve finally been inspired to try again, realizing that I need to spin this fiber very thin for the resulting two ply yarn to knit up well into a wearable garment.  I separated the fiber lengthwise into long narrow strips; this made it much easier to spin the yarn into a fine yarn without the problem of the slippery fibers separating and pulling apart as I spun.

I love the silky feel and look of the fiber.  It has a glow and sheen that really is a lot like silk in appearance and feel.  It is taking a long time to spin, as the yarn is very thin.  I have to spin two bobbins before I can do a two ply yarn; then I will see if my attempt at a usable knitting yarn is successful.

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