Second Sweater Finished

Here’s the completed yoke patterned sweater that I pictured the beginnings of in a previous post.  The darker blue is a corriedale handspun yarn and the light blue is merino handspun.  Both are very fine wool, so the sweater feels soft and cuddly on.  The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book “Knitting Around” (Schoolhouse Press) using her percentage system.  I was delighted at the results from combining these two yarns: I didn’t have enough of either for a sweater (I ran out of the darker blue completely, having just enough to do a border for the hat.), but the combination together was enough for a sweater.  I will have to learn to buy 1 1/2 pounds of carded wool for a sweater instead of just a pound!

The matching hat is knitted from the same wool yarn; it was made using a pattern I picked up at the Woods Hole Knitting group a week ago.  It’s called a “Scrunchie Hat”; it’s easy to knit in the round and it is quite attractive on the head.  I’m always delighted to find good hat patterns.


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